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Maximizing playcalling- minimizing rules for the OL while maximizing play concepts

Glad to finally post something real. 1st real post:
Maximizing playcalling- minimizing rules for the OL while maximizing play concepts.

In this post i will be going over multiple plays to run out of a simple power blocking scheme.

G-Power is one of the most widely used running concepts in all of football. PS blocks down, FB kicks out the EMLOS (end man on line of scrimmage), and guard leads through B gap. simple.

Heres how to do more in the backfield with that blocking.

In my zone system, there are 4 main run blocking series- IZ (_2/_3), OZ (_8/_9), Power (_4/_5) and Counter (_6/_7). Now, theres also about a half dozen zone read tags (which i'll cover in another post sometime), but these are the 4 basic run blocking plays the OL must learn. Thats it! its that simple.

The way to expand off of these is with tags.
So without further due, here is my Power series.

This is your basic power, as described above.
Unblocked defender- 1st past the 5 tech
PS T- Combo 2/3 tech to backer, #2 defender PS (cannot be the read!)
PS G- Combo1 tech to backer, combo 3 tech to backer, #1 defender PS
C- Help (Combo Nose/ PS 1 tech, BS 1/2i tech to backer)
BS G- Pull & lead through B gap
BS T- Alley (2/3/4i/4 tech to backer)
H Back- Kickout 1st defender outside B gap
A Back- shuffle step PS, Downhill following BS G
Y (tight end)- PS: #3 defender PS (cannot be the read!). BS: Alley (5/6 tech to backer)

Wideouts- Dog corners
Qb- Reverse Pivot, give ball to A back, Boot

The OL, Y, and WO blocking assignments stay the same for all plays in the power series. 

"I Rt 24"

"Wing Rt Bull 24"

even from the gun (although the A back steps change slightly- must take a step forward, and then across qb to mesh and then gets downhill)

"Gun Lt 24"

Next play in the series is 14/15. The 10 series plays are qb carries, so 14/15 is qb power.
QB power is ran from the singleback series, out of the gun. A back kicks out the end instead of the H, And QB runs ball instead of the A back.


"Gun Rt Trey 14"

 "Gun Rt Flex 14"

After 14/15 and 24/25, tags are placed. On all of the tagged plays, the unblocked defender becomes a read (instead of being kicked out by a back)

the first tag is OPTION.
14/15 Option is speed option. Qb attacks the read and should be pitching it to the A back who is maintaining pitch relationship.

"Gun Rt Flex 14 Option"

"Gun Left Trio 14 Option"

The next tag is the "dash" concept. However, I call it EDGE so that it doesn't interfere with my flash/flow series. It also reminds back that he is going to the edge, not the qb. There is no pitch man.

"Gun Left Flex 24 Edge"

Another tag is a spin off of the Flash/Flow series (i'll cover that in another post i suppose).
Flash/Flow are jet read plays. with 14/15 FLOW, the qb reads the end exactly like he would on edge, but the give goes to the jet motion rather than the A back.

"Gun Rex Flex Jet 14 Flow"

The last tag i got for ya is if you wanna be sexy/


The ode to Urban Meyer, ye olde shovel.

14/15 Shovel.
The read is the exact same as veer. QB aims outside of the read. If read follows, he shovels to the back cutting underneath. If read squeezes, QB runs option with pitch back.
"Gun Lt 14 Shovel"

Just as with Veer, the slot can be the pitch back
"Gun Lt Slot 14 Shovel"

So thats all. you can fiddle with em as you please, use receivers to crack, whatever.
Hope it was either helpful, insightful, or at least not a waste of your time.

any questions feel free to email me.

ill leave with this-
Highlights of Florida running 14/15 shovel. Feel free to turn down the fat joe.

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