Thursday, April 28, 2011

Draft preview- D

Part 2 of the draft special extravaganza.

Interior DL (all 3-4 DL, 4-3 DTs)
  1. Marcell Darius, Alabama
  2. Nick Fairley, Auburn
  3. J.J. Watt, Wisconsin
  4. Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple
  5. Cameron Jordan, Cal
  6. Christian Ballard, Iowa 
  7. Cameron Heyward, Ohio State
  8. Drake Nevis, LSU
  9. Stephen Paea, Oregon State
  10. Phil Taylor, Baylor
  11. Corey Liuget, Illinois
sleeper- Colby Whitlock, Texas Tech.

I'm doing this analysis in new time-saver format. Dareus is an absolute beast and is a very safe pick. He will produce and be great. Fairley was great last year but wasn't very big before that. His dirty play is notorious, and it will be interesting to see how that carries over to the NFL. I'm really high on Watt. He's a tough, sound player. His ambiguity is also a plus, as he may be able to play End in a 3-4 or a 4-3. Wilkerson is a tank and was absolutely dominant at Temple. . Cameron Jordan is also a bit of a tweener but he's polished and sound and should be able to make an impact. Ballard is a very powerful player that can also play in a 4-3 or a 3-4. Cameron Heyward got lots of press at Ohio State and is a solid and well rounded player. I rank Nevis a lot higher than others. He's undersized, but he makes plays. He is an absolute rhino in the trenches. I'm also high on Paea. His size is a bit of a knock, but he plays tough and he plays low. Phil Taylor is fat large and is tough to move. Liuget is a pretty good athlete but ho-hum play makes him a not too intriguing pick. Whitlock is the sleeper. He's not physically dominating but caused major problems for the Big 12 offenses while playing at Tech. This a pretty good position group in this class though.

Edge Players (4-3 DEs, 3-4 OLBs)
  1. Von Miller, Texas A&M
  2. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson
  3. Aldon Smith, Missouri
  4. Sam Acho, Texas
  5. Justin Houston, Georgia
  6. Brooks Reed, Arizona
  7. Chris Carter, Fresno State 
  8. Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
Sleepers- Ugo Chinasa, Oklahoma State.

Miller is a player. Good athlete, but he's an absolutely incredible player. Great motor and great reaction. Anyone who questions his ability to play OLB in a 3-4 doesn't know their stuff about football, as that is what Miller played last year in Tim DeRuyter's system. Bowers is a solid pick with lots pf playmaking ability and potential, but needs to become more consistent. Aldon Smith was another great Big 12 pass rusher. Questions arise regarding his play against the run, but his pass rush skills give him great value and show his potential.I have Sam Acho rated this high for what he does off the field. Aside from being a talented player technically  with a very high motor, Acho is a very smart guy who has excelled in academics his whole life, and is active in the community and will be a guy like a Steve Nash or Kurt Warner. His work ethic brings tremendous value to a locker room. Justin Houston is a wrecker. Real disruptive player. Brooks Reed is a poor man's Clay Matthews. Chris Carter is undersized and his stock isnt that high because of that. He's an absolutely incredible player though. You know those Wisconsin linemen that become NFL linemen? Carter made them look silly. He has a ridiculous first step and is an insane pass rusher. Clayborn is big, but doesnt play as big as he is. He also has a chronic shoulder issue. Im not too big of a fan. Ugo Chinasa is the sleeper, as his inconsistent play scares people. But he shows flashes of greatness and is a good athlete, so if he puts the pieces together he good be real good.

Interior LBs (4-3 LBs and 3-4 ILBs)
  1. Akeem Ayers, UCLA
  2. Martez Wilson, Illinois
  3. Kelvin Sheppard, LSU
  4. Dontay Moch, Nevada
  5. K.J. wright, Mississippi State
  6. Greg Jones, Michigan State
  7. Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina
  8. Bruce Carter, North Carolina
Sleepers- Mark Herzlich, Boston College and Obi Ezeh, Michigan

Ayers is a solid athlete and a very complete linebacker. Martez Wilson is a real talented downhill linebacker. Sheppard is athletic and a real good player and I think that he will be a steal for whoever takes him. Moch is a tad undersized but is a real good athlete who plays pretty sound football. Just needs to get used to the physicality of the NFL. K.J. Wright was a solid linebacker, but wasnt spectacular. After Moch, the talent drops off pretty steeply and im not a fan of any of the guys after K.J. Wright. Greg Jones made plays at Michigan State and fills in the run game, but many say hes weak and hes not as good of a tackler as you want your LBs to be. Sturdivant was an above average player, but is a sub-par athlete. Bruce Carter was all athleticism when he played and needs to polish his skills. He also had knee surgery this year, which may neutralize his greatest attribute. Im sure you've heard the story of Herzlich's remarkable comeback from cancer. That toughness and strong will is intriguing and could lead to a productive NFL career. Herzlich will definitely be a player to watch and to cheer for. Obi Ezeh is the opposite of Herzlich. Ezeh was a real good player but has lately been described as lazy and lacking desire for the game of football. He has the potential to be a good player though if he decides that he wants to. Also look for Ben Jacobs from Fresno State. He was a great linebacker but is a subpar athlete. It'd be great to see him succeed though.

  1. Jeron Johnson, Boise State
  2. Rahim Moore, UCLA
  3. Chris Culliver, South Carolina
  4. Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson
  5. Eric Hagg, Nebraska
sleeper- Chris Prosinski, Wyoming and Winston Venable, Boise State

This is a real weak safety class. I like the Johnson the most. Hes a gamer who played in Boise's advanced quarters scheme. Smart player who reacts well. He's the man. Rahim Moore is not the best athlete but he's a player and he's a physical guy. Could be a real good SS. Culliver is athletic and fast, and he played corner last year. Gilchrist is similar to Culliver in that hes athletic and played corner last year, and he needs to work on strength and physicality.He's a more natural safety though. Hagg is a physical, slower safety and could be alright at a Strong position. Chris Prosinksi isnt real athletic, but he is a hunter for the ballcarrier and is great in the run game. He's a blue collar guy who could become a valuable member of a franchise's special teams. Venable is listed by some as an OLB, but he played in Boise's nickel position last year and could adjust to being a real valuable SS. Hes a great player with good reactions and flies around the field.

  1. Patrick Peterson, LSU
  2. Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
  3. Jimmy Smith, Colorado
  4. Aaron Williams, Texas
  5. Brandon Harris, Miami
  6. Ras-I Dowling, Virginia
  7. Curtis Brown, Texas
  8. Johnny Patrick, Louisville
  9. Shareece Wright, USC
  10. Brandon Burton, Utah
Sleeper- Marcell Gipson, Wyoming.

Draft starts in 5 minutes. gonna make this short and sweet. This cornerback class is ridiculously good. Patrick Peterson is the best player in this draft. He has an incredible combination of gameplay, technique, and athletic ability that i cant remember ever seeing. He is the best corner prospect ever. Prospect. Hopefully he lives up to the expectations. Aaron Williams is the man. If your team drafts one of these corners, you should be very happy.

Forget punters.

Enjoy the draft fellas!


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  2. Awesome post great ranking and assessment of the player.

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