Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clinic Speakers

I've been extremely busy this week with creating a ton of football resources and school and blah blah blah blah. But I had to get something posted so here is a quick list of great clinic speakers I have seen and recommend.

For those of you that know me well, you know that clinic season is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Early football season, late football season, bowl season, and the thanksgiving season (the wednesday through sunday) are my favorite seasons of the year.
So for the fellow clinic season enthusiasts, here are some of the speakers i recommend seeing.

Duane Carlisle, ex- S&C coach, 49ers. Carlisle had some good S&C stuff. But what I got most out of him was the way he carried himself. Coach Carlisle was extremely genuine and humble. His first slide on his presentation was a list of people he thanked for the great opportunities he has been given in life. I had never seen that and it had a great impact on me. Great guy, great coach.

Blake Miller, OL, Utah. Outstanding info and he also had great film and resources. I picked up my pass pro vs even defenses (which will be explained in a later blog) from him.

Mike Sanford, OC, Louisville. Clever, clever stuff. Like Miller, he also had good film to accompany his material. 90% of my flash/flow series (will also be explained in a later blog) is from him.

Billy Best, OL, West Texas A&M. arguably my favorite clinician ive seen. Dont think ive ever laughed so hard in a clinic session. But he also had great material and was very informative. Very personable guy and was very interactive with the audience.

Will Hewlett, QB Academy. Hewlett was a great speaker. And the QB academy stuff is top notch. Definitely recommend the QB academy to anyone working with qbs.

Nick Rapone, DC, Delaware. Great coach, answered questions well, outstanding teacher of his material.

Will Plemons, DL, Fresno State. I only got to see him for a little bit, but coach Plemons was outstanding. Everything i liked about Billy Best was also present in Coach Plemons. The two are very alike, and very good clinicians.

Marcel Yates, DBs, Boise State. Mind-blowing. Coach Yates showed us the ins and outs of Boise's quarters coverage and it was awesome. Amazing stuff. He was also very personable and helpful.

Scott Huff, FBs & TEs, Boise State. Great, great stuff. good info, good films. My buddy next to me was so excited and jonesing to work with olinemen during Coach Huff's session i thought he was gonna stand up and yell "HALLELUJAH!"

Steve Broussard, WRs, Arizona State. Great combination of scheme and practice stuff. humorous, insightful, solid.

Greg Jones, HC, Kearny HS, Missouri. This guy was phenomenal. Everyone who came out of his session was raving about his stuff. He's a bayou boy from southern Louisiana and is full of million dollar quotes. Great guy, high energy, loves chattin with ya, great, great clinician and coach.

Rick Stewart, HC, Porterville. Although I haven't sat in a full session of his, I have hung around the guy enough to know that he is a great man and a great coach. He's probably the hottest coach in the Central Valley right now, as he turned around a mediocre program into a force.

Although i didnt see his sessions, i have met Dub Maddox and he is a great guy and i hear even better things about his coaching. And again, all of the qb academy guys are good.

Those are some I recommend (that ive seen). I also hear of many other coaches to see but havent yet. I hear Coach Jerry Campbell and Tim Murphy are phenomenal, but i have yet to see either. I probably should, seeing as we live in the same neighborhood.
Hope this was helpful and I hope you take the time to see anyone I mentioned.

And hopefully things will slow down here in a week or two and i can get a really insightful post out. someday.